Icy Floor

There is something about texture that is so appealing.  Maybe it’s that we can sometimes bring out more detail in a photograph than what we see with our eyes.  Or maybe it’s the opposite.  Bringing out detail that the camera didn’t see but our eyes did.  Using tools like onOne Software, Nik Software, Topaz Labs and Macphun’s Intensify Pro – bringing out those details is extremely simple.

icy floor photoGevon and I were exploring new territory when we came across this scene.  I was shooting panoramas at the time, but also decided to make some HDR photographs as well.

I loved the icy floor texture on the water, the grit of the wooden dock and the colorful clouds in the sky.

Sometimes it’s good to mix texture with smoothness, but other times a photo full of texture really works.

For this one, I prefered the fullness of textures.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,



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