Exploring New Territory

I recently spent a day wandering around New York City with my friend Gevon.  We met up with Quentin of fotoclasses at Brooklyn Beans Roastery, talked for a bit and then kept walking and shooting.

One of the beautiful things about walking around places you spend little time at, is that feeling of seeing and experiencing something for the first time. It’s like growing up all over again.

For example, tasting an amazing maple coffee or getting down low on cobblestones and then come across what you see in this photo.

Graffiti in the streets of Brooklyn. the Brooklyn Bridge, beautiful light and so much more.

Exploring New Territory

While Brooklyn may not be the same without my friend Brian around, shooting around the area makes for an awesome time.

After spending some time in the area, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge towards Manhattan and then continued towards Animoto for a meetup that night. It was during our Manhattan part of our day that we happened upon another story.

It’s not too often where I find myself speechless. However, Gevon and I we happened upon Jay Maisel’s building. If you don’t know, Jay has photographed many iconic images including the cover of the Miles Davis album “Kind of Blue”. We walked to the front of the building and Jay was going inside. The introvert in me was in true shock and the only words that I could get out… “Hi” and eventually “Jay”.

Fortunately Jay is a nice guy and the interaction wasn’t as awkward as it could have been.

Jay Maisel's Building

In addition to learning a lot of unrelated information at the meetup at Animoto’s offices, I also learned that no matter how old you are, you can still be speechless when you meet someone you admire.

Explore new territories. Even if you think you’ve been somewhere, you may not have really been there. Things change, people move, stores come and go.

So keep exploring.


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