High Point Solutions Stadium
The Rutgers University football stadium, on a warm July day.

High Point Solutions Stadium, also known as the stadium where the Rutgers football team plays.

The stadium opened as Rutgers Stadium in 1994, but then must have been financed by High Point Solutions for the expansion in 2009. Now the stadium hosts more than 52,000 attendees at any given time.

I had the opportunity to photograph the stadium, completely empty, not long ago.

High Point Solutions Stadium

But it was spontaneous so I did not have a tripod, or any other photographic accessories or tools. I only had one camera and one lens.

But as any skilled photographer would do, you make do.

I decided to walk around and capture multiple angles of the stadium. I used handrails as stability and made a few brackets in various locations.

I also made a few panoramas along the way.

The lesson (aka take away) here is that the photographer always needs to be on his or her toes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding or an engagement session or a headshot session. Whatever the situation is, something amazing could arise. If the photographer doesn’t think quick on his or her toes then something awesome could be missed.

What came of this?

Well, the couple I was photographing at the time loved it and a print has been ordered.

Photographers need to be on toes during photo sessions.

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