Faith in Stone

I’m not a religious person.

But I do believe in something higher than humans out there.

I do believe in traditions.

And I do respect religion.



My wife and I recently had a Hebrew naming ceremony for our daughter Layla.

Instead of joining a temple and hold it there, we asked a Chabad Rabbi to come to her party and do an informal, more laid back ceremony.

The Rabbi invited our family to attend a Saturday morning service at the Chabad House, so we did.

It was a nice experience, and what we believe is a start of a new tradition in our family.  Namely, informal ceremonies that are more personal and more enjoyable to the standard religious ceremonies.

I know this photo has nothing to do with Judaism, but I thought it fit nicely as it is a faith style photo.

The sculpture you see is from the grounds at Duke Farms.



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  1. Nice photo, Scott. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who takes photos of random statues (there are tons of interesting ones in Japan!)

    1. Thanks man. I don’t normally do that, but sometimes the statues are too amazing to skip.

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