Going For Green

green-belt-test-stanceMy brother in law, and his friend have been training as white belts for a few months now.

They recently went up for their green belts, and our family came to show our support.

When we arrived the class was finishing up their routine training. But then it came time for the green belt tests.

Because only two of the students were testing for their green belts, they did their katas together. After that, they performed their fighting katas.

I was very impressed with how well my brother in law and his friend are doing.

I know the entire family is.

Karate is hard.  Very hard.

Karate takes discipline and time and focus and a lot of energy.

In the end, the black belts went into “the office” to discuss what went right and wrong.

After some joking that they may not have passed, they both were awarded their green belts.

Did I mention my father in law was one of the black belts?

Congrats to both for the amazing achievement.


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