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Nikon D700, 5 Exposures, ISO 100
Nikon D700, 5 Exposures, ISO 100
Nikon D700, 5 Exposures, ISO 100

While Brian Matiash and I were walk around Chelsea, we stopped at a bunch of interesting spots.  The photo above happens to be one of those locations.  The “No Cellphones” sign caught both of our interests and of course we both had to photograph it.  We spent a few minutes capturing various angles and objects.  While I was composing and photographing “Wondering what is on the other end” I turned and noticed Brian framing a close-up.  Brian didn’t have a macro lens on his camera.  He was using his 14mm lens for the close-up.  Using a wide-angle lens for a close-up photograph is so much fun and can make for a very interesting look.    While Brian’s camera was firing away (using the Promote Control) I captured this 5 exposure HDR of his setup.  I thought it was very interesting and the detail in the scene is amazing.  There is texture, contrast and the beautiful sun glaring off the camera’s LCD.  Brian and I decided to collaborate on today’s blog postings.  If you visit his website you will see the exact photograph he was capturing in this photo.

The HDR was created in Photomatix, processed in OnOne Photo Tools and completed in Adobe Lightroom.  For great discounts on Photomatix and OnOne plugins visit my Discounts Page.

Funny things that happened during my outing with Brian

  • Brian’s tripod broke right away, before he was able to take his first shot of the day.  Bright side: We were able to fix it
  • I forgot my Promote Control cables.  Bright Side: It gave me practice shooting HDR 100% manually and without any cable release.  Tip: Use self timer!

Don’t forget to check out Brian’s photo!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. LOL, now I'm getting a 404 on your link to "Brian's Photo" … bad day in link land

  2. Man, that was such a fun day. Hopefully, I can make it down to NYC soon to do it again Winter style. You down?

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