Documenting Life’s Moments

It’s not often I photograph events. In fact, I am very particular about events that I will photograph.

In fact, please do not email me asking to photograph your event.  If you do email me, ask who I recommend to photograph your event.

A few years back I was hired to photograph a corporate holiday party. The event was in the basement (yup) of a fancy restaurant. The room was filled with mirrors, so flash was nearly out of the question, and it was dark down there.

Documenting Life's Moments

There are moments in life where you need to document, not create.  What I mean by that is this.

Posing.  I hate it. I don’t do it.  I prefer the people I photograph to be themselves.

If I’m in an environment like an event, I blend myself into the background. I stay out of the way. I use long lenses so I can stay away and still capture life’s moments.

Natural, candid situations always come out better.

I promise you that.

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