Lucky Number 8

Manalapan NJ t-ballWhen I was little and playing recreation baseball I always wanted the number 8.

I was a Cal Ripken Jr. fan, so it made sense for me to want the number.

Now my nephew is number 8 in t-ball.

He is enjoying baseball, which is great. I hope he continues with it.

As an adult, it’s fun to see how t-ball works. What I mean by that, is you don’t really remember t-ball so much as you get older.

I remember recreation baseball, but the older years. Not T-ball.

So it’s fun to see fathers coaching and pitching to their kids.

I’m hoping that my daughter decides to pick up softball or something I’m familiar with. That way I can get involved in her sports activities.

My nephew likes going all out, so he has his own helmet and bat that he loves.

A GlanceAnd he wears the eye black under his eyes to help with reflections and the sun. He looks like a real baseball player in his uniform. It’s really adorable.

One of my favorite things about going to see my niece and nephew do their activities, like dance and gymnastics, baseball and karate, is not just them having fun.

One of my favorite things is my daughter’s reaction to it. She’s too young for some of what they’re doing. But she loves being a spectator.

She cheers them on.

She claps.

She dances.

She sings.

She’s so funny sometimes, and sometimes too loud. But it’s ok, because we love her and she’s amazing.

Layla Cheering Holden onI was trying to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t run onto the field, but as you can see I did manage to get in some photos. I also captured some video footage which I will include in an upcoming YouTube video.

As you can see, my daughter makes a great cheerleader.

At this point during the game she was saying “Hi Holden” over and over again, extremely loud.

It was cute.

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