3 Reasons Why I Won’t Comment On Your Blog

A major part of content marketing is comment marketing.

I use Google Reader (Reeder app for Mac & iOS) to read through all my favorite blogs.  (there are many!)

By doing so, I do not have to click over to each website for reading.  However, if I want to comment then of course, I visit the original article.   The other day I was about to comment on a very popular blog, that I haven’t physically visited in a while, to find out that I can only comment using my personal Facebook account and no other option.  So with that said, I will not comment on your blog if you’re doing any of the following things.

Please note, that even if you have amazing content and photographs in your article, sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to comment on everyone article. If I love what you photograph or write, I tell you and you know it.

Brute Force

You are forcing forcing me to comment using a platform that I do not want to utilize.  For example, the Facebook WordPress Plugin.  If I do not use my personal Facebook account for my brand, then do not make me comment using my personal Facebook account.

If I do not use Twitter, do not force me to comment using Twitter.  And so on…


There are many comment systems out there compatible with WordPress.  Either pick one that provides options, or stick the default commenting system, as it works perfectly on its own.

Bad Content

I am not one for negativity.  As you can see in my comment policy, I do not tolerate negativity in my blog’s comments.  For that reason, I will only comment if I have something good to say.


Getting Social

Sometimes it’s more fun to comment socially, where discussions can be taken in new contexts.  For instance, I can engage in a comment directly with an author through a Google Plus hangout.


What About You?

I want to hear from you now.  Please comment below, or share with me on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus – telling me why you won’t comment on a blog.  If you’re sharing your reasons through social media, please use the hashtag #iwontcomment

Tweet About It

I decided to get you started with some fun tweets, so here goes.

3 Awesome Reasons Why I Won’t Comment On Your Blog #iwontcomment  Tweet This

Do or do not, there is no comment  #iwontcomment Tweet This

Because it deserved a Hangout #iwontcomment Tweet This

The force was too strong with your blog #iwontcomment Tweet This

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Interesting approach to the Facebook integration. We use Facebook on our blog as the commenting platform and it has been very successful for local traffic to come to our blog for local wedding potentials. That said, I understand your point, and also have Disqus commenting IN PARALLEL so that you’re not bound to Facebook to leave a comment. While Facebook has been more popular with local commentors, there are a few who prefer Disqus, and that’s why its there. :)

    1. Sure you can log in using your Facebook ID if you want. They offer multiple different ways to login and comment. It’s not 100% Facebook forward. You could comment as a guest with an email address if you want. Or Google/Twitter/Yahoo/OpenID. It’s pretty dynamic

        1. Helpful! Thank you. I have hated how the Facebook for WordPress plugin makes it impossible to comment any other way. Disqus is perfect!

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