Promote, Capture, Offer And Engage


When I launched Phototickr the email list began to grow pretty quick, but I wanted to find a new way to keep the growth progressing.

I have been a Pippity customer for some time now and enjoy their designs and the flexibility but I always felt there was something lacking for my needs.

Then I came across the new OptinMonster plugin for WordPress.

I decided to give OptinMonster a try to even though it’s still in its early stages the potential is amazing. The plugin is extremely simple to understand, the A/B testing is slick and the designs are elegant.


I have placed OptinMonster on Phototickr with it set to show on a second page view after 10 seconds. Usually a person won’t be reading on Phototickr for that long as the website is designed to get people to visit the news source. However, if someone is browsing and reading for 10 seconds they will be promoted to subscribe either to Daily or weekly emails using the A/B testing.

So far the stats show a low conversion rate and from here I can test changes, like showing the call to action faster or different wording, etc.


Here on my photography blog the tests are doing better most likely because I am offering a free download and a free photo critique for new subscribers.

So why am I telling you all of this?

You’re likely reading this because you’re a photographer looking to find new ways to promote business to other photographers or consumers (couples, businesses, etc).

My advice… Promote, Capture, Offer And Engage

  • Promote – use every available resource to drive people to your website.
  • Capture – use an opt-in form like ones from Pippity and OptinMonster to capture email addresses.
  • Offer – provide something in exchange for the email address like how I offer a free photo critique or the Make It Happen Checklist.
  • Engage – have conversations with those new subscribers rather than continuing to do empty promotion.

If you want to take the conversion process to another level I recommend trying a plugin like Premise which can help you easily create landing pages, and it guides you through the process.

Premise for WordPress

At Phototickr the “offer” is daily or weekly news (how you want it). At Photocrati we offer a free eBook and at the Photographer’s SEO Community a series of SEO lessons.

Once you know who your target market is, figure out what would be a good offer and use WordPress plugins to promote it.

When you’re done thinking about what to offer and how please come back and comment. I’d love to hear what you came up with.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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