The Celebration Starts Here – Being The Hero

If you haven’t been following my series of photographs and stories from the NOLA wedding I photographed, please start from the top.

The Celebration Starts Here

Now that you’re caught up… if you recall from Capturing Emotion, the groom (now husband) isn’t one to show much emotion. And you can see in this photo, once they’ve been introduced as husband and wife, he still isn’t showing much emotion.

But I promise you; he’s happy.

The bride (now wife) is so happy, as are the guests. Because this is the moment where the pressure is off and the party begins.

The party was in this same location at the venue in New Orleans.  It’s a courtyard in the back of a hotel, not far from the hotel’s pool.

There are rooms above looking down at the courtyard. There are two event rooms along the side of the area as well. At first, we thought it was going to be raining, but it stopped minutes before the ceremony. So once that was over, the event staff converted it from ceremony to reception. Tables were placed, made, decorated and chairs were put at each table.  Just where the couple was standing in this photo was where the DJ set up his equipment.

But one thing happened which I was unaware of before arriving at the hotel the night before.

This area has no outdoor lighting, and it was a dark night.

That meant I had to think outside the box and use natural light mixed with the artificial light I had traveled with.

It’s been said that the sign of a professional photographer is a photographer who can make something difficult appear easy.

So I did what I had to do, adjustment my camera settings, got into the right mindset and made it happen.

In the end, I was happy, and the couple was happy.

The sign of a professional photographer is a photographer who can make something difficult appear easy.

All we can do as photographers is adapt. Not everything is in our favor. Especially when adventuring into new places.

As photographers, we must be the supermen and women to our clients. We must be the aliens who adapt and become the heroes. Be the hero to your clients.

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