Classy & Silly Work Well Together

The groom is a hobbyist photographer who is a lover of film. In fact, he uses older Leica film cameras, and his wedding gift from his bride was a custom engraved bottom plate for one of the cameras. Neat, huh?

Because he loves photography, and specific film photography, I decided to photograph his wedding in mostly black and white. And because he is a very silly person, I decided to incorporate that into a lot of the photographs.

Classy & Silly Work Well Together

For this photograph I asked the bridal party to pretend they were paparazzi photographing the couple. They all got really into the scene and the final product was exactly what I had visioned in my head.

Classy & Silly Work Well Together

I then repositioned everyone and asked the groomsmen to appear from behind the chairs.  They both got so into the idea and this was my favorite from the series.

To me these photos have a classy black and white feel, like film. But the silliness that comes with the personality of the couple and their bridal party.

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