It Starts & Ends With Magic

Weddings. They’re filled with magic. They bring families together. The bring smiles to those who rarely do. They bring dancing out of those who don’t dance.

I don’t often photograph weddings, for many reasons. But when I do, I try to find unique ways to photograph the couples.

While photographing the groom’s getting ready photos, I noticed this balcony outside of the room. The architecture was New Orleans style, and the lights were so beautiful.

So I told the groom that we’d be doing one of the final couple photos out there at night. So we did.

It Starts & Ends With Magic

The balcony was extremely small, barely enough room for the three of us. So I had to use a very wide lens. Usually, that’s not flattering for people, but it was the only way.

Using my 20mm lens, I hugged the corner of the balcony and directed the couple to pose how you see it. I then used one on-camera flash to bounce light off the brick exterior wall and door’s glass. The subtle light was just enough to catch the couple smooth and clear.  But the goal was also to get the other balconies and lights in the frame. So with a slight shutter change in the camera, I was able to get the rest of the frame how I had visioned in my mind.

Weddings are magic, but sometimes in photography, you need to create your own magic.

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