Camera Plus Pro iPhoneography Review

Sure there are a lot of camera apps for the iPhone that make iPhoneography more fun. However, sometimes there are gems that deserve attention. Camera Plus Pro is one of the apps.

camera plus pro iphoneography

For $1.99 you download a camera app that is packed with features that make any iPhoneographer smile.  Sure some of the features can be done with Instagram, VSCO Cam or 100 Camera in 1.  But Camera Plus Pro has the feel of a professional camera, yet it’s an iPhone.

Here are some of the features that’s included:

  • Live Filters
  • Borders
  • Auto Save
  • Geotagging
  • Anti-Shake
  • Video Zoom
  • Video Pause
  • Tags
  • Zoom, Pause
  • Time Lapse
  • Cropping
  • Rotation
  • Full Resolution
  • Digital Flash
  • Camera Flash
  • Privacy Control
  • Import from Camera Roll
  • Sync with Camera Roll
  • Copyright

Camera Plus Pro Examples

The first example is of a building where I had a headshot session.  While packing up my gear, realized how cool the building’s shape was so decided to photograph it with Camera Plus Pro.  This is the original and the edited version.

The second example is from Asbury Park, New Jersey when I was walking around with family.  Again, a before and after from Camera Plus Pro.

So what do you think of Camera Plus Pro?  I’ve enjoyed shooting with it and recommend downloading the app, especially since it’s $1.99.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Since iOS 6 I’ve become a big fan of the default camera app. It’s fast to launch — pull phone out of pocket, slide to open camera and click — and captures all the data I need for later processing in another app. I also have Camera+ and Fotor for the filters.

  2. Serious question: I love Camera+ but I often want to apply multiple filters to a photo but it seems that I have to save the photo to my camera roll every time, is there a way for me to apply multiple effects, etc in one go without having to save a bunch of different versions of the photo? Does anyone know? I know the ipad app has this feature (which is wonderful).

  3. Just as Khürt stated above, I am primarily using the native iOS6 camera app for most of my capture because of speed and ease of use. I love the HDR setting to capture a greater range. I do like the filters (and the extra features) provided by the Camera+ and will apply them after the initial capture.

  4. Love the HDR effect in the photos, it makes them really pop. Amazing how far phone cameras and phone camera software has come. It seems like yesterday I was reading about this amazing new thing called HDR photography that could only be done with expensive digital SLRs – and now this is commonplace on smartphones.

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