#AskScottWyden – Networking With Other Photographers

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many #AskScottWyden articles. These are going to be shorter text articles that have straight to the point answers. Depending on the question I will also […]


An Unexpected Car Ad

Sometimes while walking the streets of New York City there are moments where things just click into place. For example, in this photograph of a Mini was on a busy intersection of NYC.  I noticed […]


The View Of Up

When looking through a camera’s viewfinder from the ground up at a building, there is distortion that occurs. This distortion causes buildings to look like a triangle. There are multiple ways to correct for this, […]


Free WordPress Introduction Class at B&H Photo in NYC

I am happy to share that I’m teaching a class at the B&H Photo event space in NYC. The class is called “WordPress for Photographers – An Introduction” and is 100% free! If you are […]


When Blown Out Highlights Work

Many times in photographs when an area is so white that there is no detail, the photo is not as attractive. In fact, many times, those blown out highlights don’t work and distract from the […]


Artistic Expressions Photo Contest

I’m honored to be judging another photo contest at ViewBug.  The topic this time is called Artistic Expressions, and I invite you to join! If you are not a member of ViewBug then please be […]


The Impact of Simplicity

Like the photos I shared the other day, these are very similar. The difference is literally color versus black and white. The color photo was cross processed using a white light balance to bring out […]


WE35 Field Report: The Difference Is Night And Day

The title of this article is meant to be silly and serious at the same time. Being a part of the WE35 research team is so much fun, and allows me to think about photographing […]



The Flatiron building in New York City is one of the most iconic buildings in the entire city. It is one that nearly every tourist visits and looks at with such curiosity. And the best […]


The Lookout

Today I wanted to share another photograph from one of my favorite places to visit, ESP. This photograph of the watch tower was processing using a technique in Lightroom where I darken the sky without […]



Every year in New Jersey the company QuickCheck hosts a Balloon Festival. The 1st morning of the festival, they invite media and photographers to come to watch the crews setup and test their balloons. As […]


Free Photography Guides Notebook For Evernote

One of the not-so-secret tricks I have up my sleeve is constantly compiling and creating charts to have with me at all times. These charts are not on paper, though. These charts are in an […]