A Mexico Sunrise

July of 2011 is when Melissa and I got married in Mexico. It was a hot summer, and very humid in Mexico. This view is what we had the pleasure of seeing every morning when […]


Sitting in Central Park

While on an Arcanum photowalk a couple months back, we started and ended our journey in Central Park. As we’re about to leave the park I noticed this guy sitting perfectly on the rocks, minding […]


NYC From Above The Train Cars

The High Line is a special place to many New Yorkers.  It’s now also a tourist trap for outsiders. I’ve done many photowalks on The High Line, so it gets quite old, fast. However, this […]


NYC, Birds, Kids & Rick Sammon

A couple of months ago I was in New York City for an Arcanum photowalk. It was a great time and I got to meet another one of my apprentices, apprentices from other cohorts and […]


WE35 Field Report: Layla’s First Month

This article has two pieces of news to share with the community.  The first is that I have been taking part of a fun project with a group of friends, called WE35.  It’s a sort […]


One Rocking WordPress Photography Plugin

Before reading, please note that I work for the company who makes this WordPress photography plugin. There are many methods of displaying, selling and proofing photographs outside of WordPress. For example, many photographers use services […]


Perfect Panoramic Stitching With No Parallax Using A Nodal Slide

Panoramic stitching can produce artifacts and ghosting by default without any adjustments to the panning point of the tripod. If fact, the way to achieve perfect panoramic stitching is to make sure that the lens […]


Bass Harbor Lighthouse

If you haven’t been to Acadia National Park then you likely never thought about Bass Harbor Lighthouse before.  But if you ever plan on going on to Acadia then prepare for an interesting experience. The […]


Thunder Hole

Today I wanted to share a second photograph from Thunder Hole. The first was a cool toned long exposure, which is happily hung on a client’s wall. But this photograph is perfect for narrow walls, […]


Acadia Zen

This zen-like rock formation sits at Otter Cliff, among many others.  After I was done photographing the beautiful seascape I decided to spend some time walking the slippery rocks to photograph the formations. I did […]


How Photographers Can Slow Down

In 2014 I started mentoring other photographers in The Arcanum.  Part of the process is critiquing many photographs, and the critiques are done via Google Hangouts, recorded and made available for all Arcanum members to […]


Otter Cliff

One of the stops on the Acadia National Park trip was to Otter Cliffs. Len and Bob, who have been there before, warned us that the rocks get very slippery.  So I decided to wear […]