#AskScottWyden Having A Nomadic Photography Business

I received a fantastic question recently. One that I never thought I would ever receive. But that’s the beauty of the #AskScottWyden series! This question talks all about being a nomad and photographer. Or more […]


When You Hit A Wall, Try Something Different

I’ve said this many times in previous articles, but I think it is worth reminding my readers of this simple idea. If you ever get into a creative slump, a photographer’s block or any sort […]


5 Ways To Avoid & Conquer for Summer Photography

I’m a big fan of summer. In fact, I dislike winter greatly, and my favorite season is spring. But summer is probably number two on my favorite season list. Summer is great because it’s not […]


#AskScottWyden – Film In A Digital World

Today’s question caught me off guard. Maybe it shouldn’t have, but it did.  If you have considered film then this might be a worthwhile question and answer for you to read. But before I get […]


Main Street Bridge in Jacksonville

I only spent a couple of hours in Jacksonville, Florida so I didn’t have much time to really explore. But while walking around I had no choice (seriously) to photography this beautiful bridge. But all […]


Using the Lightroom Adjustment Brush to add Dimension to a Landscape Photo

Lightroom has the power to completely transform your landscape photograph into something far more powerful, something that hits home with viewers, and something that pops off the screen. By default digital cameras create flatter image […]


Emmett’s First Cake (Smash)

Emmett turned one, and never had a taste of cake. So for his first birthday, his parents gave him the opportunity to try some cake. And sit on a cake. This is my favorite photo […]


Why I Support The Amazing 5DayDeal Photography Offer

Not much time left! Over the past couple of years more and more photography offers have been popping up. The one that started it all, the 5DayDeal, made a huge impact in the photography community […]


An Interview With A High School Sophomore About Photography

I was recently interviewed by a high school sophomore and instead of just letting the interview go into the abyss, I thought I would share the questions and answers here. If you have any questions […]


Why I Love The New Jersey Balloon Festival

Every year QuickChek hosts a huge hot air balloon festival here in New Jersey, called the Festival of Ballooning. The Friday before the event starts, the hot air balloons set up and do test flights. At […]


Whitman County Growers

Early June I was with a group of friends in the Palouse, Washington area. We went to photograph the rolling hills and the beauty architecture and farms. We call the group NxNW (North by North […]


Get Your Photo Critiqued – Today Only on Facebook

Today I am offering something special. On my Facebook page I am offering a free critique to as many photographs as I can. Head over to the page, Like it, and then comment on this […]