Increasing Productivity With Movement – Fluidstance Level Review

For the past couple of months, I have had the pleasure of using the Fluidstance Level. The product is for people who use standing desks. It is designed to get you moving while standing and […]


I Need To Get Back Here

Today I am sharing two photographs, both of which we made after Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey. This first one is from Port Monmouth, New Jersey. It’s an old fishing pier which is now left […]


Waiting With A Reason

There are photographers who believe the ambivert or extrovert style of street photography is not actually street photography. I tend to disagree. Just because you are not having the up close human interaction with the […]


Mini Car Parked In A Round Barn

While on my Palouse, Washington trip we stopped at a well-known Round Barn and spoke with the two great grandsons of the original developer of the structure. We were speaking with Dale and listening to […]


Same Place Different Looks

I recently had an opportunity to tour Google’s New York City headquarters. Google is an interesting company to see behind the scenes. Much of it is very corporate, and the security is high. However, much […]


SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vest Review for Photographers

I had the pleasure of reviewing a vest from SCOTTeVEST, called Q.U.E.S.T. It’s a fantastic vest with 42 pockets, including some large and some small. The vest is perfect for photographers needing a vest and […]


My First Year As An Arcanum Master

I’ve now been mentoring as a Master at The Arcanum for over a year. It’s been an amazing experience to help my apprentices grow with their photography. I have also learned a lot about myself […]


Steptoe Butte’s Shadow

A butte looks like a small mountain. It’s defined as an isolated hill with steep, often vertical sides and a small, relatively flat top; buttes are smaller than mesas, plateaus, and table landforms. Steptoe Butte […]


Meet Ron Clifford

This is my friend Ron Clifford. Ron is a photographer from Ontario, Canada. He has been mentoring photographers through his G+ Mentorship program on Google Plus for many years now. He has also been mentoring […]


#AskScottWyden Having A Nomadic Photography Business

I received a fantastic question recently. One that I never thought I would ever receive. But that’s the beauty of the #AskScottWyden series! This question talks all about being a nomad and photographer. Or more […]


When You Hit A Wall, Try Something Different

I’ve said this many times in previous articles, but I think it is worth reminding my readers of this simple idea. If you ever get into a creative slump, a photographer’s block or any sort […]


5 Ways To Avoid & Conquer for Summer Photography

I’m a big fan of summer. In fact, I dislike winter greatly, and my favorite season is spring. But summer is probably number two on my favorite season list. Summer is great because it’s not […]