Avoiding The Clash

There was another photographer shooting the karate event. He was using a Gary Fong diffuser on camera.

As I explained previously, I had 2 strobes hidden and mounted up high.

When photographing such an important event, it is nice to have multiple photographers shooting.  That way, nothing is missed and there are different perspectives on what is happening.


During a clash the karateka on the right tried biting the man on the right kidney. The defender struck him with his left hammer fist and circled his right arm around the attacker’s head and put him into a front guillotine choke.


There are positives and negatives on multiple photographers.


  • Variety of perspective
  • Variety of lighting
  • Variety of tones (different camera manufacturers)


  • Possibility of bumping heads or getting in each others way
  • Possibility of bad attitudes
  • Possibility of competition
  • Confusion of having the same name

Yes, it’s true – the other photographer and I had the same first name.  That made it difficult when someone was calling for one of the photographers to capture something.  Now, fortunately the other Scott and I were doing well shooting the event together.  We did not clash.  But it’s important to keep your guard up and stay focused so the clash doesn’t hit you in the face.

Turned out that when I went left, the other Scott went right. When I was shooting high, he was shooting low. Switching up worked very well, being able to stay out of each others way.

Thanks for reading and avoid the clash,

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