When Photographing Something Special

I am not one to overdo it when it comes to lighting. I like to keep it simple, but be prepared.

However, when faced with the opportunity to photographing something special, I definitely decided to go overboard (just a bit).

I was informed about and asked to photograph an event at the Kanzen Goju Ryu dojo in Marlboro, New Jersey – I quickly became excited about it. Why? Well, first off – when I was younger I took karate. I may not have gotten far and I was too young for me to remember why I stopped. But nonetheless, I have much respect for karate and knew how important the event was.

Let me start off by saying that the photo you’re looking at below, is of a man who rarely (and I mean rarely) did a kata in front of people. At this event, he not only performed a few katas, but they were to a room of over 50 people.

In the next couple weeks I will be posting some of my favorite photographs from the night. I asked Zokucho Harry Rosenstein to add a brief description for each photograph.

In later posts, I will also share some of the techniques that I used to photograph the event.  I hope you enjoy them.


I am in a Sagi Ashi Dachi (Heron leg stance, one leg stance ) Representing the Heron balancing on one leg with wings open and extended.

Various combat applications can be derived from this position. For instance, kneeing and palm heel strike

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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