Capture Intensity & Focus Without Disruption

When photographing people doing very dangerous acts, there is one very crucial thing to keep in mind. Do not be disruptive.

If you have been following the karate series, you’ll remember the photo of the Dark Eagle Kata. When capturing that photograph, you can see the focus in their body language and eyes.

However, look at the photograph here. In this shot, the focus is so dramatic and raw. If I had a flash directly on the camera, most likely he would loose concentration with all the light flashes in his face. If I wasn’t using a lens that could zoom, most likely I would be too close and in the way. Both of these situation run the risk of multiple people being injured.


Renshi Sheinwald is in a “Kumite No Kamae”. This is a fighting or on guard posture.

This particular movement is found in Hakutsuru (White Crane ) kata.

This kata was performed towards the end of kata demonstration. What I
really like about this picture is that you caught his intensity and focus.


So what to do?

Use the right lens and set up lights with the subject(s) in mind. I did use a flash for this photograph. However, it was triggered by the PocketWizard that was connected to my camera. The flash was placed in the corner attached to the beam, directly behind his head.

Be strategic and do not be disruptive.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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