6 Important Tips To Becoming a Freelance Photographer

photo-business“Business experts” might say don’t create a business from a passion. Gary Vaynerchuk would tell you otherwise. If you love photography and have considered turning your hobby into a freelance photography business, here are some tips for you.

  • Pick your niche: Are you a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, animal photographer, child photographer, landscape photographer? What is your main goal as a freelance photographer?
  • Get ahead: Find your competition, see what they’re doing, pick up books, read blogs and plan your method to make a name for yourself. Put it in writing.
  • Right next door: Your first customers are in your neighborhood. Start local by using SEO & marketing methods. Create a Google Local Place, FourSquare, Gowalla, and Yelp account. (There are more websites to post on [see Yext.com] as well)
  • Learn the biz: Photographers looking to make money from the hobby must also learn some of the business sense. Find help if needed, but pick up some photography business books and read the blogs that are available to you.
  • Hey dude: Be social, join Twitter, Facebook, etc. Connect with your colleagues and customers. Learn from each other and network.
  • The shop around the corner: As a freelance photographer, the local photography store can be one of your biggest assets. Make friends, prove that you can do a good job and customers will be sent your way.

From a SEO standpoint, I brand myself as a New Jersey Photographer. However, from a marketing standpoint and because my freelance business offers a variety of photographic opportunity, I brand myself as a New Jersey Portrait, Travel and Life Photographer.

Have your own tip for an emerging freelance photographer? Comment below to share.

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  1. As a REALTOR I get approached by new Freelancers all the time wanting to do a house shoot for me. When I ask them for some photo of stuff they have done lately, often there portfolio is either not prepared or related to real estate so their pitch falls apart at that point.

    My tip is to make sure you present a portfolio that is related to the type of freelance work your trying to get.

    1. Also a very good tip Kathy, thanks for sharing from your point of view!

  2. i have really great children, nature, and cat photos and was wondering should i make a portfolio or a website dedicated to my photos and try to pitch ideas from that? or will i even make money if they are already available online?

    1. If you want to try and make money from your photography then you either need a website or need to try and sell through stock websites. Both are difficult to do and take time.

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