WordCamp NYC 2018 Recap

A weekend filled with WordPress, networking, good food and people. Thank you to WordCamp NYC for inviting me to speak about podcasting. For all the volunteers who put the event on, thank you for making it so awesome!

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So that is 6:00 AM Saturday morning and I am headed to the bus stop so I can hop on a bus and head into New York City for wordcamp New York City and I’m going light on this trip because I’m kind of in and out and in and out and tomorrow when I go into, I had my session there on podcasting. I need to bring my laptop because my keynotes on that, so I’ll have my laptop and I didn’t want to bring my Nikon d 8:50. Do any video. So I am, I’m doing with my iphone as you saw on a previous video back and really light so I have that ready to go. Um, and by the way, I am right now recording in the moment app with the moment 18 millimeter lens and the rode video mic meet. L has the audio. So this should sound pretty good. It looked pretty good. Um, and uh, so this is how I’m going to be blogging this weekend using my iphone only my iphone.

One of the things that I love about this, whether it’s now a days, it was September 14th and it’s probably about 60 degrees right now and it’s going to get up to almost 80 degrees Fahrenheit by 2:00, but there’s thug, some really cool fog over this hill and it’s every morning this time of year, every morning and then the fog goes away and then it gets to a nice warm temperature. But then every morning is nice and cool. So yeah, I’m a, I like this weather. I like the cooler, the cooler air that’s not too cold. Not Snowing, but fuck that. Fuck. Oh man, that looks cool. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the moment app, the new update. Two point. Oh, or whatever this version is called. I don’t think it’s. I’m stabilizing. I don’t think the, it’s using the optical stabilizer in the Lens. I don’t know why, but I have a funny feeling about that. So it is using the stabilizer. I just tested it but it’s because probably because the 18 millimeter lens, the Wide Lens and I’m walking kind of hard right now. So maybe that’s why it kind of looks like it’s going up and down, up and down and up and down, not really stabilizing and I’m also a handholding instead of using a tripod to sort of help stabilize myself. So there you go. It is stabilizing

is Yana Krysta Rodriguez, Lisa Lee and myself. I’m a member of this team grow by Judy. A chance to learn about accessibility with James and the opportunity to learn how to make my flow a do it yourself content strategy by Larry and many more excellent talks. I just didn’t have the time to mention, but I want to talk about that

even if people say that blogging public, you can do it. No, you don’t get used to it. It’s still awkward. Bus doesn’t come for a half hour. I’m at Port Authority. You’re just waiting at the gate for my bus figured out. Just give a quick recap. Um, I sat in three different sessions today before lunch. Now I have to get home. Now the lunch has done from wordcamp I think at home for a family thing. So that’s why I’m at the bus stop instead of still a work camp. Basically I sent in three sessions, two of which were at okay wonder which is really great. Um, tomorrow there’s a whole bunch I want to sit on in addition to, I have my own session which is 1130 and that’s on podcasting, so it should be really good night. Talk to a bunch of people who were actually planning on coming to my session. So that is really nice to, uh, to hear and see that people are coming. Uh, they gave me the really big room. There’s three rooms, one small ones medium and one to very large. A very large room has doubled the size of the two smaller rooms put together. So I’m in that really big room. So I’m assuming that means that they expect a lot of people to be in my session, which will be great.

So I’ve got 30 minutes to wait here. I’m just gonna put on my headphones to the podcast and let my wife know I’m on my way home soon and I have an hour bus ride. So yeah, I’ll be back in an hour and a half.

So after the opening remarks was a session that I sat in from one of the marketing guys over at bluehost. It was basically a bootstrapping your marketing only very little budget and it was okay. Well I didn’t learn anything I didn’t know already, but um, it was okay after that, after that I sat in on a session about accessibility, you know, web design that is, makes it, makes the website a good website, good for an apps, things like that. Good for those who are deaf, those who were blind, those who may not have hands, things like that. And that was a really, really good session. I’ve sat in a lot of those at different word camp conferences, but this one in particular was really good. And then the last one I sat in was a girl who is a writer and do the really dramatic life events.

Suffers from really intense writer’s block. And she talked about how she gets through the writer’s block and it was interesting. Now I had to leave early right after lunch before some family stuff going on yesterday, but today is day two, today is day two and I’m headed back to the bus. I’ve got my laptop, I’ve got all my, my you speaking remote. I’ve got a bunch of stuff and I’m talking about podcasting today. So, uh, I’m thinking I’m going to, even though the, even though the session is recorded in video and audio and it’s transcribed in realtime, I am thinking I’m going to record the episode using the rode video mic. Me L A and the road pub publisher, whatever. I don’t know what it, whatever the APP is called. Does he wrote APP that’s made for this microphone. I’m to record it on my iphone audio only and uh, potentially use it for the image, the project guest, um, and a, see how it matches up to the audio that the word camp is going for the video and go from there. So it’s another one of the foggy mornings. Take that up. Where’s the fog stayed by the time I got to the city, but warms up pretty much. So the fog will be gone by the time it gets to the city unfortunately, but that would be really cool to walk through the city and all that fog. I’ve done it once. Is that like three or 4:00 AM? And I was that uh, I think it’s called South Street station. They either have. No, it was cold. So yeah. Speaking today about podcasting, first time talking about podcasting and public. Today’s date to wordcamp New York City in 2018.

So far it’s a fun event. People are Nice. Session to good food is good. The venue is awesome. Work camp 2018 or Camp New York City 2018.

So overall the wordcamp New York City event went very well. My session went very well. I, they gave me the biggest room, which I thought was really interesting. I guess they thought that the podcasting topic would be very popular and in fact the room was half fill. Now to put it into perspective, my guess is the smallest room could hold about 25 people at most. The medium sized room could probably hold about 40 people, maybe 50 in the biggest room, could probably hold about 200 or more people and I had it about half filled, so that was pretty good. I did you record the session using the video mic, meet mic microphone on my iphone and sent the best quality only because I was moving around a lot. I didn’t realize how much I was moving around until about halfway through when I realized I wasn’t anywhere near the podium.

And then the session is recorded as video from the conference, so it will be on wordpress dot TV at some point with the audio coming off the Lav mic that the audio guy a set up for me, so I will have a recording available and I will probably put it on this channel. Wanted to available. Uh, so there, it’ll, it’ll, it’ll be available for you. Overall, it was a great time. Work camps are always a lot of fun, especially when they’re in your local area. You don’t have to travel so far. I am exhausted from going back and forth to New York City two days in a row, very early, but I would do it again because there’s a lot of fun. I also had a chance to test a couple of other products aside from the video mic meal. I also tested a, one of the, um, one of the CCI wireless battery backups that I have, and that’s going to be in a separate video of review for these two products that I am currently testing and already have some thoughts on net. So stay tuned for that video. If you were in my session at wordcamp, New York City on podcasting will thank you for attending that session. And if you are interested in podcasting will stay tuned to the channel. Click that button below now because there will be a recording of the session available eventually. If you like this video, click that subscribe button below right now. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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