The Mill & The Tiny Toy Truck

The title of this photo kind of sounds like a children’s book, which is kind of ironic. Why?

My friend Bob & Steve host a photography workshop in the historic mills where this was photograph.

During the workshop students learn about the history of the mills, including the child labor that was going on.



In fact, famous photographer, Lewis Hines, spent a lot of time documenting the child labor at the mills.

When walking through the mills, you can feel the pain, blood and tears throughout the buildings.

But then when coming across the room with the toy truck, the air clears and you feel a sense of playfulness.

I spent about 20 minutes photographing this truck. I moved it around the room and used a flashlight to illuminate it more than the natural light in the room.

Other photographers were doing the same.

It’s amazing what a toy can do to our emotions.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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