No Spilled Milk

It is always a blast to photograph the Lawrence mills.  It is one of those locations that photographers could visit over and over and always see something new to photograph.

On the way up to Maine for a big photo trip, we made a pitstop at the mills.  This time I noticed something I somehow missed the last time.

On a table was a box of Pasteurized, Homogenized, Standardized Milk.  Directly next to it was a box of soup.


Turns out that those two items have been on the table for years.  In fact, my friend Dave Wilson photographed it a couple years ago.

One of the beautiful things about photographing locations with friends is perspective and vision.  It would be nearly impossible for Dave and I to make the same exact photograph.  Even if we shared the same tripod setup and camera setup.  Vision is a beautiful thing.


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