The Downside To Seamless Background Paper


Seamless paper is a fantastic product because it is easy to light and inexpensive. The only two problems I have with using seamless background paper, is how quick it gets dirty and how easily it can puncture or tear, creating ugly holes.

So why is this bad? During a photo shoot, many times you are in a time constraint. Having to cut the dirty spot off, and readjust the background and re-tape it down, takes about 10 minutes or so.


However, seamless background paper has many positive aspects. A few of which I listed above.

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you know that I try not to write the same tutorials that are already on the internet. But if I did, it is because I did not see the other tutorial. With that said, Zack Arias has a free White Seamless Tutorial which starts with Gear and Space. Zack is a fantastic photographer and extremely knowledgeable and educator. So If you’re still interested in shooting with Seamless paper after reading rant and seeing my snapshot, please visit Zack’s tutorial and see how great it really can be.

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  1. hey man, I see some good opportunities to add those ugly parts into a shot. Think creatively! Granted, not for every time of course. But at the very least looks like they could be good for some cool grungy texture shots!

    1. They are definitely in my texture collection :-)

  2. Yeah, it’s a pain when that happens. You then have to spend more time in Photoshop than you needed to. It’s really bad when you get a splotch on a hairline or some other thing that’s hard to clone around.

    1. The content aware tool has been quite useful since its release :-)

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