Look For Shapes Look For Lines Look For Shadows

Whether you are in New York City or Wyoming, there are consistencies.

No matter where you on this Earth, there are three things you can photograph.

  • Shapes
  • Lines
  • Shadows

Looking at this first photograph you will see all three of those items. The shapes formed by the pillars of the railing. The lines formed by the cement walls and the railing. The incredibly contrasting shadows throughout the photo.


That photograph was made on the Manhattan Bridge in New York City.

The next photograph was made in Grand Teton National Park, found in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

As you can see, it also includes the three things I mentioned earlier.


The building has a unique shape, which is designed to fit well with the mountains in the background. The lines on the logs are fantastic for so many compositions. And the shadows fall so nicely on the curves of the wood walls and underneath the roof.

So keep mind that no matter where you are, you can look for those three items and make fun photographs.

Even if you’re in a dark cave. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There are beautiful photographs in the distance.

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