Street Photography Myths – Angles

There are many myths in street photography, and in this article, I want to talk about one of them.

Often people think that with street photography you have to be at eye level to capture that spontaneous moment.

But in reality, so much of the world around us happens at different altitudes.

Every time I get to a hotel room I look down. It’s done out of habit because the possibility of something interesting down below is quite high.

Street Photography Angles

When I looked down from my window at Hotel Blake in Chicago, I noticed this man sitting in the trunk of his car. He’s just hanging out, waiting for something. Maybe he’s eating his lunch. Maybe he’s an Uber driver who needed a break. I wish I knew his story.

But the contrast of the pavement, the brick building, and the black car really make for a visually appealing image.

The myth of eye-level street photography is busted.

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