Finding a Favorite

As photographers, we have a habit of photographing too much. For example, many wedding photographers capture over 3,000 photos during the day. Commercial photographers wound up photographing hundreds of photos as well.

A while back I set out to change that habit of mine by slowing down.

It works. Taking the time to think through a scene or situation really helps bring the excess photo count lower.

Finding a Favorite

The photo you see here was during the end of a photowalk in Chicago.  I had only a few moments to capture this man before he crossed the street.

I could have easily pushed the shutter button dozens of times to ensure I had a good capture. But instead, I took the time to think about what I wanted.

Finding a favorite photo from a session, event or whatever, might not be the one that’s the most beautiful or colorful. It might be the one you take the most pride in.

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