SpiderLight Backpacker Kit Review

The SpiderLight Backpacker Kit from Spider Holster is phenomenal. It’s lightweight and can switch from belt to backpack in seconds. In fact, if you pair the SpiderLight Backpacker Kit with another SpiderLight or a SpiderPro on your belt, then it’s even faster and provides you with more flexible options for holding a camera while not being used. In this video, you will see the SpiderLight Backpacker Kit and I share my thoughts on it.

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This is the spider light and the backpacker kit. Hey, this is Scott. When people with a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. In this video we’re going to be talking about spider holster. Inside this box is the spider light holster. This is just like the fighter pro holster, except it is smaller and which means it can hold less weight, so it’s really designed for smaller cameras like like mirrorless cameras. It’s not meant for a big pro body like the Nikon D850 or or larger. Also, inside is the spider light pad. Now this is really cool because this is a pad that you can put on the strap of your backpack and you’ve got a nice pad to your camera. Can you know rest on your backpack strap. Now, if you have a spider light on your belt and a spider light on your backpack, you can go between the two.

You can have a camera here and you can have a camera and your waste. In fact, you can even switch from having the spider light on either. You can take it on and off and move it around. You’ll see also inside is a spiderlite camera plate. It’s similar to this pro one excepted, smaller, more compact, and of course mental hold, less weight, so you got to use a mirrorless point and shoot something like that. Finally is the spider light gopro adapter. If you have a Gopro and you want to mount your Gopro, let a to your strap of your backpack. You can do that with this fun kid. First things first, this is the spider light holster and the pad. The pad goes onto your camera strap and it clips on. Um, I’ll show you that in a minute. But then you also have the spider light holster.

And what’s cool is like, first of all, it comes already on the pad and then you could actually use this. There’s a little lever right here, a little lock. I can flip the lock and pull the holster right out. And now I can slip my belt through this and literally go between having it on my belt or having it on my camera bag strap. And when you want to put this back on the, on the pad, you just simply slip it until you hear that click. I’ll do that. Click again. I love when photography equipment may click like that. It makes me feel like things are safe. The holster itself works the same way as the pro holster works. Basically, you have this locking mechanism right here. When it’s down, it’s locked. When it up, it’s unlocked, which means you can slip in and out of the holster. And, uh, that’s, it’s as basic as that, which is really nice. Now this is the backer light pad. Okay? Now what we do here is we first need to unlock and get these out of here. So first what you do is you take off the back with the little spring clips and you sandwich this behind your camera back strap, and then you take the front one and put it in front of your camera, back strap, and then you slip it in and again, it’s going to click when it’s in place.

Oh,that’s pretty tight. Now you want to be tight because you want to be sandwiched. There’s these little knobby things in here that are going to grip the back of the camera strap and kind of perfect it. It’ll make it so you can, gives you some some flexibility as far as where you’re mounting your camera. Now also on this is us just things stay in place or these little loops. These loops are to go through any straps that are on your cameras scrap, and that way you can make sure that the things that this sort of doesn’t wobble around. It stays in place. It doesn’t go like it stays with however your strap is. This will go with it. Okay? Now this is the spider light plate. Now this is what goes in the bottom of your camera, so let’s say this is the front of your camera that goes in the bottom of it and you got the pin right here and basically what happens is you put it in, drop it down, and then your cameras hanging the bottom of this and again it’s locked. When you flip this down, now I can’t come out. The moment I flipped us up can come out. Perfect. Let’s set it up with a camera so you can see it in action and I’ll even set it up on a camera bag and let’s. Let’s do this thing.

Okay? Now, this bungee that’s here is actually the hold the lens in place so it doesn’t wobble around if you want it,hmm.

Now, but once I could take this bungee and wrap it around and it gives it a little bit more support. The weights down below. It’s off my shoulders and it feels good just the way it should be. Now, what’s really cool is when you’re ready to lot, what I could do as well if I want is I could pop out the whole holster, flip it onto my belt, and I can easily switch between the two. No problem. This is going to be great. When the Nikon d six guns in.

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