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Photography Everyday Carry is a series where I share my thoughts and suggestions on products that photographers should carry on their person, or in their bags, everywhere they go. In this video, I share my go-to solution for carrying my cameras on a daily basis.

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You just lift it in there and it, and it, and it’s good. It’s it’s there. It’s not going anywhere.

Hey, this is Scott. When people with a storyteller, with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about, and in this video, I’m going to talk about something that I have with me ever rethink go time. I am making photos. This is photography every day, Carrie time and time again, I hear photographers that are constantly having neck pain and shoulder pain and back pain. And much of that is because of neck straps. This is a very simple solution that I tell people. Sometimes they don’t listen and they go back to a shoulder or neck strap they think is going to help and they wind up still having pain. And they eventually went up going to this. This is the spider holster. I have done a lot of content on the spider holster, but today I just want to share why that is always in my photography everyday carry kit.

No matter the camera that I use, I have the spider holster available on my hip. This is the spider light. There are multiple versions. There’s the pro and the light. This one is small waist, practically nothing. It is strong metal, and you can just clip it on to your hip. You can also clip it onto a bag, which I’ll show you in a minute. So I can use any belt that I want by just going and flipping it on. And I’ve got the holster on my belt. I can use any belts. I can use the spider belt or literally the belt that I am wearing right now. Now with the spider holster, there is a spider plate that you can put on the bottom of her camera. I use an L bracket. So I can’t use the spider plate because it defeats it. It removes the whole L bracket aspects.

So I actually have this, which has spider holsters, ARCA, Swiss clamp. This will actually clip onto the bottom of my camera or onto the side if I really want to. And it has the ability to have one or two pins of the spider pins right there. So I can just take my camera when it’s mounted, which again, I’ll show you in a minute and just slip it on right there on the holster. And then if I know you’re walking around for a while, without the camera, in my hand, I can lock it in and it’s not going anywhere. The belt that I wear when I am using the spider holster system depend on the camera music. This is an icon D at 50, with a 24 to one 20 lens. It is very heavy. I can’t use it with the belt that I’m wearing right now because it’ll literally bring my pants down.

So in a situation like this, the options are either to use the spider holster belt or use the belt, like the think tank belt and, and the spider holster adapter onto that, or to use my Mac pole belt. That’s what I prefer because it’s the most comfortable. But when I’m using something that’s lighter, like my mirrorless camera, my Nikon Z six, then I will actually just use whatever belt I have. Cause it’s not gonna weigh down my pants like this would, but it’s so easy. Cause all I got to do is clip it in and I’m good to go. And again, I could lock it in place so the camera can come out or it can unlock it. And a counter comes right out. That’s it? The beautiful I’m thinking about the spider holes. Her system is that it’s a joint system. It’s a ball joint.

So your camera isn’t fixed in position. It can move around with your leg or whatever, wherever part of the body, you put it. Now my favorite part about the spider light system is that you do not have to use it on your hip. If you don’t want to, if you have a backpack and you’re hiking for awhile, you could actually have either one in your hip or one or hip end one with the backpacker kit. The Spiderlite literally do the backpacker kit right here. And then you can take your camera and have it right there. It literally clips onto your bag. Now this not won’t necessarily help your back problem. But at the same time, if you’ve got stuff in your bag, then this is kind of distributing the weight a little bit. It’ll take a little bit of stress off your back and bring it towards the front.

There are some times where I utilize the backpacker system, which I am so thankful for, but at the same time, I’m glad that I can just unlock it, remove this and throw the, the holster onto my hip again at any time. So that is why the spider holster system is part of my photography everyday carry because no matter what, I don’t have to feel the discomfort of having the camera on my shoulders, hurting my neck, hurting my back, whatever it is like a next drop would do. I could just have it on my hip accessible at any time that I need it fast, secure and just comfortable and natural feels good. I like it every day. Carry a lot more click subscribe. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday, whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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