Spider Holster – SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 Review

The SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 is a total upgrade for your current hand strap, even if you’re using the SpiderPro Hand Strap or the SpiderLight Hand Strap. Even more so, the SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 is an upgrade to any competing hand strap as it’s the most ergonomic, secure and comfortable camera hand strap on the market.

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I’m recording this on my iPhone because while I’ve got my two cameras off to the side to show you the new spider pro hand trap too, this was the spider hand strap. This was the one for the mirrorless cameras or the compact SLRs and this is what I had on my Nikon Z six until recently when spider holster announced their spider pro hand strap to on large DSLRs and smaller mirror cameras. Before we dive in and show you the differences between the original and the pro one and two I want to show you this. This was a little rubbery material that is sticky on the bottom of where the strap is connected to the bottom of your camera and you can see that it has sort of come off a little bit and that’s not anything of spider holsters fault. It’s just the way that this material degrades over time.

But I think spider holes are realized it because they don’t use that in the new product. This is the spider pro hand strap, the first version, and it’s the Brown color, Brown and black. And you can see that it’s a fit. Your hand fits perfectly in it. It is also going under my L bracket and it has this extra safety leash, which is really nice. You can snap a snap, put it under your hand, and then snap an Ernie. And now you can actually let go your camera and it actually not going anywhere. It can’t go anywhere. It’s attached to your hand. And this is a really nice really an extra eye. I’ve loved this strap ever since. I put it on. It’s nice and soft. It’s curved and you can fit your hand through it with a glove on, which is also very nice.

And at the top it is attached with this sort of leash and it’s, it’s pretty snug and secure. The original spider hand strap, the one for the smaller cameras, it had these little three snap things at the top instead of this sort of leash that would go through and, and, and, and not right at the Nottage. So that was, that was a nicer design cause it’s a little bit easier to get on and also still very secure because it was three very hard to snap snaps. The rest of it was similar. It was a thinner, it’s thinner, but the inside was still soft material. Now with the spider pro hand strap too, they kind of combined the best of both worlds. These are the spider pro hand strap too. You can see it looks very similar to the first version, but I have a color of the new version and it’s got that nice leather green.

I can slip my hand through it, but at the top uses those three snaps. And then I’ve got that safety leash as well right here, which is really cool. So I can go under my hand and then around my thumb and snap it. And now I’ve got this nice and snug and I can still access my camera just like it would. Otherwise, there’s not much to a hand strap. So obviously there’s not much I can say about a hand strap, but it is comfortable. It is a sleek, I think it’s a really beautiful design and it’s very professional looking as well. It does come in multiple colors and whatnot, but what I think I think is really nice is that they made this product and now works on both big bodies and small bodies. You don’t have to worry about getting one product over the other.

You can just get the one and it’ll work no matter what. What they’ve done, if instead of using this sort of rubbery material is now they have a little rubber washer that you could utilize and it, it won’t degrade like that other material was, it just sort of stays. So if you need to use a base plate that doesn’t, that can twist. So like an L bracket won’t twist. But if you’re using a standard plate that might twist, you would use that a rubber washer and it’ll help keep that connection sticky in solid. The last thing I want to show you is, this is the this is the urbex glove from Valor it, which is a beautiful glove and want to show you that with the pro strap spider pro strap too, you can still get your hand through the strap and you can make this a little bit not as tight so that you can actually get it around your glove as well.

And you can then control your camera even with a glove and have it nice and secure. So that is also a really nice thing despite our pro hand strap, two is now available from spider holster. So I definitely recommend checking that out if you are in the market for a new hand trap, check out spider holster and all the options that they have available to you. And in full disclosure, I am a spider holster ambassador and why I didn’t, while I did not get paid for this video, they did send me that hand strap for free. That’s it. But I do support their products. I love their products.

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