Photographer Blog Titles Matter

When photographers are blogging about their work, many times the title speaks about the photograph in some way.

Because we are photographers and not SEO gurus, we are not always thinking about website traffic and the how the titles will bring in traffic.  This traffic may not be wanted, and bring in no business.

On July 28, 2011 I published a photo called Foto Sexy.  In the blog post, I stated how I will likely have incoming traffic for the keyword Foto Sexy.  It’s now a few months later and can confirm that every day I am receiving five or more visits a day from the keyword Foto Sexy.


Your titles matter.

Your URLs matter.

Your content matters.

Most important  – Your photographs matter.

Create and inspire, but be aware about what you’re writing and how you’re promoting the work.


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  1. Well Scott, the title itself (foto sexy) is a grabber. :) Nice job explaining to some how titles and keywords work.

  2. Hi,
    very true. I give related musical titles for my blog posts (as I love music and photogrpahy) and have found that a photo of a park bench with graffitti on it gets the most hits through searches- ‘Maximo Park Graffitti is the title.
    My site is


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