Protect Your WordPress Website From Spam
Obvious Spam

Spam sucks and that is the truth. Why they do it no one will know for sure. But the fact of the matter is that we, as WordPress bloggers, can protect ourselves from unwanted comment spam getting through to the public.

When we get spam, our WordPress websites will email us an alert. (see image below) Most of the time, spam comments and emails will be so obvious. However, sometimes it is borderline which makes it difficult to determine.

Obvious Spam

In my “obvious spam” email pictured above, you’ll notice the article where the spammer wanted to leave the comment.  Then you will notice their authors name and also the first sentence of the comment.  What do estate auctions and engagement rights have to do with Flickr?  Nothing… hence, spam.

So how do you further protect your WordPress website from spam?  It is super easy.  Download the WordPress plugin Akismet and install it.  Need help doing so?  Get in touch with me and I will help you out.

68,462 spam comments blocked by Akismet

Look how much spam Akismet has helped me block.  Crazy, isn’t it?  I’m a New Jersey Photographer & Blogger, and I cannot stand spam.

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