Prepping Your Property For Real Estate Photography


When it comes to photographing a property for real estate photography, the last thing a photographer wants to see when arriving for the job is chaos.

Outside Property

  • Clean the yard, patio and/or porch
  • Trim the grass and shrubbery if needed
  • Put toys and equipment away
  • Clear the sidewalks
  • If snow, shovel

Inside Property

  • Clear the clutter from shelves and floors
  • Remove unnecessary furniture like extra chairs and tray tables
  • Replace broken light bulbs so all lights work at the same time
  • Clear the kitchen counters of pots, pans and clutter
  • Clean the kitchen so everything that should shine, does
  • Clean all mirrors and glass
  • Clear the sink because you may not think it will be photographed but it might
  • Hide or remove all garbage cans
  • Put bathroom items in storage so they are not in the photographs
  • Keep the toilet lids close
  • If you decorative towels are used in bathrooms, fold them neatly
  • Turn on all room lights before the photographer arrives
  • Hide your personal photographs. You can hang and place them back where you want them afterwards.

Photo Notes

  • Have a place to go when the photographer is there so you’re not in the way or in the photographs
  • The photographer can move furniture but shouldn’t have to. If he/she must move furniture don’t be surprised if you’re informed of added charges prior to the task. However, if a professional stager is involved, then it’s a different story.
  • The photographer will not clean for you, move your garbage or clear off clutter.

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  1. Solid advice Scott. I’m always advising my clients on how to best prepare their homes for the photographer. It goes without saying that a good set of photos can go a long way in making an otherwise unremarkable property highly desirable for buyers.

  2. “If you decorative towels are used in bathrooms, fold them neatly” – and don’t use those monogrammed towels you received as a gift (does anybody buy those for themselves?)

  3. Great tips! As a realtor and a photographer I would also add 2 things…Don’t throw everything under the bed or couches unless they are completely hidden. When a shot is taken from a low angle often the junk under the furniture shows up. Make beds neatly so comforters, bed ruffles etc. are smooth, even and hang nicely.

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