How to Create a Photography Website Without Knowing Code

Photographers don’t always want something technical. That’s why I have some suggestions for keeping your platform simple. I still recommend using WordPress, as do the platforms who offer non-WordPress based websites. Go figure. But hey, at the time of recording the video WordPress powers over 30% of the Internet. So it makes sense to recommend the most powerful content management system for websites. 


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  1. Great tutorial, Scott!
    Wordpress is indeed one of the best platforms for building website, but not necessarily for photographers. Every new feature needs an appropriate plugin and even a slight change in design theme requires coding knowledge.
    I’ve recently shifted to Pixpa and it has been a great decision. Portfolio builders like Pixpa, Squarespace and others are built after taking into consideration requirements of hundreds of photographers. Every feature that I need is already present in the platform without the need to code. Saved a lot of time!

    1. Rupinder, I respect your comment, but you’re 100% incorrect that coding knowledge is needed. I’m not here to debate that, so I’ll leave it be. But please don’t spread false things.

      1. Hi Scott,
        I’m not saying that you need to code your website in WordPress, but for minor or major changes in the design part you do need to get into coding. Themes in WordPress allow you to change only elements that are provided to you for customization. If you need to fully customize your website, you will need a little hand on coding.
        Rest, I never deny the fact that WordPress is one of the best CMS available. Its just a matter of personal preference.

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