Photo Critique – A Landscape Without Shadow Detail

Here we go again with another photo critique. This one was great the way it was aside from a couple minor suggestions.

As you can see the first photograph is much darker and warmer. (the one on the left)


But my version of the photo is a mix of cool and warm tones and not as dark.

Check out what I did in the video below.

As mentioned, this photo critique is a matter of opinion. There is no wrong way to process a photograph as it is all personal choice.

I sent the video to the photographer and this was the reply I received:

Thanks Scott

I am an active camera club member so used to critique! Loved the way you have dealt with this and the medium you have used. I am now going to have a go withe Raw file and see if I improve as you have done. When I had developed this I liked the moodiness so much I didn’t look carefully enough at the front rock. Seems obvious now!

Thanks for your critique and yes please use it in your blog as I am sure early risers taking sunrise photos (was a sunrise- NZ East coast) will learn from this


The photographer enjoyed the critique and learned from it so my mission is complete.

I hope you walked away learning something as well.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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