One Is More Than A Number

The number one means so many different things depending on what its referring to.  For a one year work anniversary it is a pretty neat deal, but not one often celebrated.

I rarely hear of anyone celebrating one year of retirement.

But a first birthday is huge.  It is a giant milestone for the parents and the child.  One that needs to be celebrated, and admired.  One is a beautiful thing, but it is much more than a number.

A one year old with a smile is even better.

I have nominated myself for the smile challenge. The deal is that for 5 days you must post a photograph with one or more smiles and nominate another photographer to do the same. Today is day 3 of 5 for me. Today I will nominate Alan Shapiro for the challenge. With so much negativity in the world, sharing smiles for the next few days will lift my spirits and hopefully yours too.

Thank you,


Learn more about the 5 day smile challenge.

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