Nothing Can Stand in Your Way

Nothing Can Stand in Your WayWhile roaming the area for a fun location to photograph, I came across these two boulders sitting on their own in a field.

Right away I knew that they needed to be photographed sitting quietly in the foreground of the Grand Tetons.

So I set up my tripod and composed my frame.

In my head, I visualized what I expected the final photograph to look like. I underexposed slightly to get detail in the sky and planned on recovering the boulders in post processing.

That is exactly what happened.

With the magic of some dodging and burning through Lightroom local adjustments, I brought back some of the grass and the boulders.

I then sharpened the boulders, bringing out textures that were barely visible in the sunset sky that night.

I share all this as a reminder to all photographers. Don’t let “ok scenes” or “bad light” stand in your way.

Make the most out of the situation you’re in.

Enjoy the photography process.

Love it.

Make the most out of the situation you're in. Enjoy the photography process.Click To Tweet

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