Take A Ride To Grand Teton National Park

Take A Ride To Grand Teton National ParkGrand Teton National Park is a beautiful area. Surrounding Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Grand Tetons are enormous and elegant mountains. I was there in early June, and the snow was still melting at the peaks.

It was surreal. Everywhere we went, the distant mountains looked fake.

This was the first stop we made when I arrived in Jackson Hole. It’s on the Idaho side of the mountains because we wanted to catch sunset a certain way.

No matter how close you get to the Teton’s you always feel like you’re far away.

I wanted to portray that feeling in a photograph, so I used the compression caused by using a long lens.  Focusing on a subject in the foreground, while using a long lens, exacerbates scale.

So in this photograph you see a wooden fence low in the frame and the giant Teton mountain in the distance.

Becuase this was made during sunset the mountain is hit with an amazing golden tint. As your eyes move lower, you see what’s left of cool tones.  It’s still warm near the bottom, but the gradation of warmth is quite smooth.

What a beautiful sunset.

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