New York Brackets with Brian Matiash
Nikon D700, 24mm, f/6.3, 30 Sec, ISO 100, 10 Stop ND Filter

If you’ve been following my blog then you would know that I spent a day walking around New York City with my friend Brian Matiash. What you didn’t know is that we recorded some video clips throughout the day. Below is the video for your enjoyment. Just below the video are some links to photos from Brian and I which we captured during our adventure in New York.


  • The Drop
  • The IAC
  • The Effect
  • Pearly Whites


More photos from New York are coming so be sure to bookmark or subscribe to both of our blogs to get the updates.

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  1. “That’s a nice sunset.”

    I feel so bad for you guys who have no idea what a good sunset is :)


    Fun video…but you left in the “everything doesn’t have to be HDR”…it might put a crack in the universe.

    1. Thanks Mike. Even better is when he says “but we’ll edit that out” OOPS HEHE

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