The Moment It Clicks

For a long time I was not sure what my photography business focus was going to be. Then one day it clicked. I realized that I loved to photograph images for businesses.


Yes, I photograph portraits for families and couples getting married. However, I enjoy it a lot more when I am photographing an office, or a business person in their environment.

There is something so amazing to see when you’re hard work and creativity is used by the business.

The photo you see above was used as the cover for a recent issue of Target Marketing Magazine.

While I was shooting this, I thought how fun it would be to use my iPad (which was used for the model release), so the client emailed me a screenshot to throw up on the iPad. When then found the right angle for the iPad so the lights did not show a glare on the screen. When ready, I started to have a regular conversation with him so the pose was as natural as can be.

The best feeling is the moment it clicks. – tweet this

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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