Rook Coffee

This is an episode of my local podcast, Jersey Brands Podcast. A short-form podcast for brands in New Jersey. In the podcast, I share my thoughts on brands and branding as I see it in the Garden State.

Rook Coffee was started by childhood friends, Holly and Shawn to bring delicious and well-crafted coffee to New Jersey. But they’ve grown way beyond the Garden State thanks to their thoughtful branding, likeability and subscription service. Rook Coffee can now be found in coffee-loving homes around the world thanks to their delivery service, stickers can be found on signs, stores, walls, and cars everywhere. The bar is raised in the coffee world thanks to Rook, and I see big things in their future.

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Note: The Rook Coffee photo shared was not photographed by Scott Wyden Kivowitz. It came directly from Rook Coffee’s website.

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