Brand Photography for Martial Arts Educators

Business owners might not think they are the face of their brand, but many times people shop or hire businesses because of the owners.

Martial Arts school owners often teach at their dojos as well as running the business behind the scenes.

Because of this, it’s so important for the business owners to have captivating images that help potential students, current students and past students engage and remain interested in what the Martial Arts school owners and educators are doing.

Brand Photography for Martial Arts Educators

As a personal brand photographer, I’m always thinking about how I would incorporate my client’s stories into the photo session. So that they will have 3 months of photos to share in their marketing efforts, and to tell their stories.

In the situation of Martial Arts Educators, I photograph a handful of things:

  • Headshots
  • Kata in the dojo
  • Practicing kicks against a bag
  • Practicing strikes against a bag
  • Mock or slow sparring
  • If the client has a family, I photograph them with their family
  • If the client wants, I photograph them with their students
  • Photograph them teaching

The last on that list might be the most important of them all. Showing a Martial Arts educator teaching their students shows smiles and focus from those in the background. It shows love in the instructor’s eyes. It also shows the viewers that the instructor is legitimate and actually does have students.

This is just some of what I would do in a branding session for Martial Arts educators. If you are interested in a session, let’s talk!

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