Many people especially in these austere times are looking for ways to generate extra income. Many people try different avenues to try and raise this extra income such as completing surveys online, building websites, SEO, you name it someone is trying to earn a secondary income from it. You do however get people who try and make some extra money out of their hobby. One of the most popular options this includes is photography. That is if you are passionate about photography in the first place.

If you are a budding photography student or a rising wedding photographer then you will know that there is indeed mileage in trying to sell your photographs to the right outlet. Over the past 5 years or so there has been a tremendous demand for high quality photos online. With all the current issues of royalties on images, consumers and business owners need to find good quality photos that they can use for their website’s, blogs and e-commerce stores.

There is also huge demand for more specific niches within photography, whether it is photos of classic cars, landscape photography and especially clothing photography. There are now many vintage clothing stores online and they need photos that are of a decent enough quality to showcase on their website.

There are several photography sites available currently where you can make some quick cash, especially if you want to create your own licencing terms for your photos to customers. One such site is ‘Zenfolio’. They allow you to sell your digital photos globally. You can even track visitors that see your photos through Google analytics software. They do charge a percentage fee that goes to them once you do make a sale, this does vary depending on which country you are selling to.

Perhaps the biggest and most famous outlet to sell your digital photos is iStockphoto. It originally began life way back in the year 2000. It has since evolved since then offering excellent quality images and video for its customers. It is used by the majority of webmasters around the world due to its reputation as the best online source. They operate a credit system for the buyer. You don’t actually pay per photo but rather purchase credits from iStockphoto and use these credits to buy a specific photo.  For the budding photographer this is perhaps the best way to start showcasing your portfolio. They are strict on what they accept but due to the amount of traffic from visitors that they receive, it certainly puts you in the best position.

The growth of e-commerce photography is growing by the year. As more and more businesses and consumers build sites they need images which are cheap and readily available. This is one area that has grown year on year by 3.8%. This may not sound like a huge figure but when you take into account these national figures include sales of actual cameras then it is quite a good figure indeed as actual sales of digital cameras have fallen 60% in the last two years due to the rise in Smartphone enabled cameras.

The post was written by blogger and writer Holly White on behalf of Digital Exposure .

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