Make Due With What You’re Given
Purple Kaftan, Ugly Scene

Sometimes when you’re on a photo shoot, there are other people who think they know best.  In this case, it was a girl who was picking out locations and creating scenes for each shot.  In my opinion, the entire day was wasted because of many reasons.

With that said, sometimes you need to make due with what you’re given.  Figure out a way to make it yours.  If you can’t change fix the problem at time of shooting, do what you can to salvage the photo in post processing.

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    1. For this shot, I tried a bunch of things and removing the background wouldn’t be worth the time. I wound up using PhotoTools to add some punch and glow to the image.

  1. Very good advice. I employed this technique just last week when I was encountered with the most hideous pile of unexpected tree trunk imaginable.

    1. Thank you Kayla. Sometime you gotta do what you gotta do :-)

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