Lost Soul at Eastern State Penitentiary

Every so often I like to head back to the photo archives looking for hidden gems.

Identifying gems changes as photographers grow.

Styles change or adapt, methods are learned, and ideas are made.

While browsing my archives I came across this photo fromĀ Eastern State Penitentiary, from 2008.

Lost Soul at Eastern State Penitentiary

The original photograph had this cool view, but with dull colors from the crumbling walls. I knew right away that I wanted to go full monochrome for this photograph.

I also knew that I wanted to showcase the creepy, yet beautiful, light coming from the window in the ceiling.

I processed this photograph completely in Lightroom using various local adjustments, dodging and burning.

In fact, I recorded a video of me processing this video which will be available at The Photo Frontier.

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