HDR Photography Tip: Look For The Light

© Scott FrederickThis is a guest post from fellow photographer Scott Frederick.

There is one thing that I’m constantly looking for when doing HDR photography, the light! I find that the smallest light source will do, when the shutter can be left open for as long as you want. There have been times when shining a flashlight or my cars headlights on a scene, has resulted in just enough light. It can be a crack in the ceiling or a hole in the floor. Wherever the light is coming from make sure it’s supporting your vision.

If you shoot landscapes or cityscapes mid-day, the light can be harsh, so you have to find ways to work with the light. If you’re in an abandoned building, with no electricity shooting UrbEx your going to be looking for a window, or a caved in ceiling. Light from down the hall or maybe your flashlight is placed on the floor. If I’m shooting landscapes at midnight I’m leaving the shutter open for up to 8 minutes or more. This creates a whole new light, that only your camera can produce. You have the ability to make midnight look like mid-day if you leave the shutter open for 12 minutes.

Every situation will prove to be different, which is why I love HDR. It allows us all to capture the full dynamic range of the scenes we are dealing with. Think of your brackets as little pieces of light, and when you put them together they complete the puzzle. Don’t process your HDR’s with a certain look in mind, process them to best represent the light.

Scott Frederick Photography LogoScott Frederick is known for his photography of land, city and urban exploration. His styles vary from HDR to fine art black and white including architecture, street, abstract and minimal. When not using his DSLR, he likes to use the iPhone Hipstamatic app for fun. He is an avid blogger and social networker, who
strives to inspire everyone to see the world through photography. He’s been awarded Editor’s Pick at HDRSpotting.com and continues to educate himself and others on new tools and techniques.

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  1. Great post, Scott and Scott! It’s definitely all about the light.

  2. Thanks Heath and Scott!

  3. Thanks for the enlightenment on the light situation in HDR photography. I am thinking I may carry a flashlight with me at all times now.

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