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I have said this many times in the past but I want to restate this.

Just because you or someone has photographed something already, it does not mean you should not try again.

go back
This photograph was made at Eastern State Penitentiary where I have spent many hours photographing.  It is one of my favorite local places to photograph because every time I go back I see something new to capture.

I also spend time trying new techniques or using different lenses.

For this photograph I was using teh Nikon 24mm PC-E tilt-shift lens on my Nikon D800.  The exposure was f/5.6 at 1/20.

My goal for this photograph was to show how gigantic that wall is.  Using the tilt-shift lens I was able to accomplish that, and because the focal length is 24mm it made it possible to capture more than just the wall in the frame.

So there you go – try something new and go back for more.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,



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