Photographs Make You Feel

Photographs make you feel emotions. They bring up so many feeling to the surface. They help you remember memories from your past.

When you see a photograph of your family, you feel something. Whether it’s joy or anger.

When you see a photograph from your wedding, you likely feel happy.

When you see a photograph of someone who passed, you likely feel sad.

When you see a photograph of yourself while younger, you likely feel something.

Like music, photographs can trigger so many emotions.

Photographs Make You Feel

But this photograph here. Does it stir up emotions or other feelings?

It should.

It might take you back to a ski trip.  Or it might make you feel negative or dark thoughts. It might make your blood boil. Or if you get the same feeling I do, you might feel cold. Like things are empty and meaningless.

Which is funny, because the photo has a meaning, and to me, it’s exactly that. Go figure.

Everyone should have photographs in their lives. Hopefully printed and put in albums or frames.

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