Como, somewhere between Denver, Southpark and Leadville

This past summer, while on a trip with The Photo Frontier, we stopped in Como. A small town in Colorado, which barely has residents anymore. It’s more of a living ghost town.

I know that sounds odd, living ghost town. But that’s the best way to describe it.

Imagine a town that’s empty aside from maybe 10 residents.

The only other people you see are tourists and photographers.

The town is so small that the post office is actually located in an art gallery. Yes, that’s true!

The first photo you see here is the train station in Como, Colorado. It’s more of a museum these days, and when we were there it was closed for renovations.

Como, somewhere between Denver, Southpark and Leadville

The second photo is the engine of an old train car that was sitting on the tracks. It’s a small golf cart sized train that was used to transport small objects or a couple people. I believe the train is actually an extremely modified Model T Ford Fairmont which is meant to be on train tracks.

como's fairmont engine

We passed Como while heading back to Denver from Leadville. It’s right next to the real Southpark, Colorado.

The town was a fun stop at the end of the trip. We got to explore history, photograph destruction, and restoration, and see some animals during the process.

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