Come On, Walk On By

Street photography as an introvert or ambivert is different than street photography as an extrovert.

As a ambivert you wait, patiently, waiting for some to walk on by.

As an extrovert you go out of your way to make sure the photograph is exactly how you want – by means of deeper interaction with the person in the photograph.


In the photograph you see here I happen to be waiting, but didn’t have to wait long. I photographed it in a busy section of New York City so my wait about a minute before I noticed the woman walking towards exactly where I needed her.

As an added bonus, the woman was wearing all black which worked out well because the building went from bright to dark from the top to the bottom.

Patience is an amazing thing.  In a way it allows you to plan more even in a situation you have little control over.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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